untitled – a poem by CAS

Rebel cry, scream and dance around the fire, humans. Warriors, the passionate. Fighting till the day is done. Resilient creatures! Carving our battles into our skin. Survivors. Calloused feet and hands, skin worn to leather. A spear sprung from our hand like an appendage. With one arm, protection; with the other, compassion. Minds overcoming obstacles for a better life. We are warriors.

We were. Now sprung forth from both hands; technology, apathy. We quietly sit in front of screens and let the distracted tell the distracted what we should care about. Our passion, our rebel cry, snuffed out by the latest trend. Our earth is poisoned but we cannot be bothered to look up. Up, up at what was once sacred. To be pulled away, a consumerism-driven society.

We were warriors. We ran and sang and cried. We fought under the sun and prayed by the moon. We were passionate.


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