Cameron Wade “The Hunter and the Hunted”

Under moonlight cover, I saw your blue eyes

Vampire and human, we played a dangerous game

Beneath scarred wrist and white lies

Lay a boy with passion and love

Brown eyes and blue, we played a dangerous game

I beared my supernatural gifts

And you laughed at them

Strength, speed, compulsion, and grace

If only it weren’t a human/vampire locked in a race

Boy with the gifts and boy that was mundane, we played a stupid game

Love means everything when I’m all you’ll lose

Twirling and destroying like the tempest I was,

Sapphire blue sea with your calming truths

Raging hurricane with my  destructive lies

Tempest and Sea, you’re losing the game

Hunter or Hunted

Are you losing the game?

Like a weaver of lies, I spun you

I spun your truths into lies

–We’ve changed

The game has changed

Blood and thirst, you’ve lost

No more blues with tranquil seas

Tenacious tempest left no room for two

All that lives is a lie with no truths.

~ Cameron Wade

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