“Missing you” by Tara Losander

The concept of missing someone is odd.
How is it that when we’re apart from people, it becomes like a hole that can only be filled by that one person?
How is it that it consumes us as a whole?
It becomes the one thing that never goes away until you see that person again.
I ask myself why is that? Why must we miss people?
Sometimes I think maybe it’d be easier if we did not miss anyone.
Maybe it’d spare us a couple tears, a couple heart breaks
Because it becomes rather exhausting with all these holes that need to be filled.
Sometimes the holes get so big I wish I could hide myself in them, just to feel some sort of relief.
some days are easier than others, for a little while I forget who I’m missing and why I even miss them
but other days it’s excruciating.. it fills every fiber of my being and everything makes it worse,
The worst part is missing someone who you know doesn’t miss you back
Someone you know probably forgot what you looked like the second you walked away
But for you, you remember every detail of them, from the way they speak to the way they smile it’s clear as day to you.
The worst part is you don’t ever know if you’ll see them again and it’s torture.

– Tara Losander

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