“Night After Your Last Call” – Rachel Krumenacker

Do not forget that you are needed.

If nothing else, to check that the earth offers enough air for everyone today.

Your participation is crucial in this important scientific experiment,

as we are setting a world record— “Most People Alive at Once.”

The sun needs your gaze to rise in the morning. He is stage shy,

and we all know you are the best for support.

Without you, who would shoot their bow into the atmosphere?

Who would call off the hunting dogs?

It’s a delicate symbiote. For you to be needed, there are people

like me to be needing. We need to need;

We must need. Only you can prevent

the earth from losing its tether and floating away. You must wait awhile.

I need someone to look after my cat when I’m gone.

And I’m planning to be here a long time: you must outlast me.

Lastly, I do not only need you for myself.

I need you for yourself,

for the way you write me this same poem each time I call you deep into the night.

Then, when I do not need me,

you do.

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