“Consider Christ’s Humanity” by Hannah Tippens

The humanity of Jesus is something I rarely and truly consider. It’s already difficult to wrap my mind around the fact that he is both man and God and I think I’ve always felt like if I considered his humanity too much that I wouldn’t be doing him justice because HE’S GOD. But Jesus was a man. Therefore, to get to know him better, and in the process get to know myself better, I must consider his humanity.

Jesus left his riches to take on our rags. He was born, lived, and died just like you and me; he was flesh and blood. That should speak volumes to us! It speaks of his love for us and it speaks of the esteem to which he holds our humanity.

Our flesh isn’t much, especially if you try to imagine what heavenly bodies must be like. Comparing the two, it would be easy to start feeling ashamed of our humanness but don’t! Being ashamed of your humanity is being ashamed of the form that Christ willingly and joyfully chose to take on. The creator of all came in the form of his creation and lived the life that we couldn’t. He glorified and sanctified our humanity through his humanity. Imagining Jesus, my loving and beautiful Savior, live as an ordinary man makes me feel more comfortable in my own skin.

And Jesus didn’t just live in our rags. When he rose from the dead, he bore the same body he had when he died on the cross – he bore scars on his hands, feet, and side, proof of his death and his humanity. Jesus’ body was the same, yet different and better; it was glorified. He ascended into heaven wearing scarred flesh.

Humanity is fallen, but God originally created it to be good. Knowing that Jesus ascended into heaven in his (glorified) earthly body reminds me of the initial and intended goodness of humanity. There is beauty in our humanness in ways that we often forget or don’t realize.

As God and man, Jesus interacted and participated with the mundane. We should not view the mundane with contempt because of this. Because Jesus lived a mundane life, there is beauty in the mundane.

When considering Christ’s humanity, think about his call to the disciples, “Follow me!” The Greek word that he used implies more than just mere imitation of Jesus, but living all of life with him. Jesus desires the same of you. He wants you to live out your life with him in every moment, even the most mundane. Imagine his time spent with the disciples and all that he would have done and experienced with them. Most of their time spent together was not spent working miracles. They did everyday life with one another.

Living everyday life with Christ, in my opinion, is more difficult than living life with him in the spiritual highs. But it is something I strive towards because I know that through living with Christ in every moment, no matter how mundane, I will learn more about him as a person and learn to better receive his love that comes through the mundane and how to respond to it.

To know God is to never stop learning about him because the depth of who he is never comes to an end. Jesus’ humanity is a part of God that we must consider to know him more.

~ Hannah Tippens

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