“Kind of Blue” by Pierce Benefield

I took a bus to find you.
Maybe I romanticized the idea of this hopeless endeavor.
Maybe I’m falling in love with the idea of falling in love with you
Over coffee near the Village,
Or the skyline of Manhattan.

Miles Davis plays as the wine is poured and so then our hearts
And it’s then I find that you’re my Daisy,
My sinful love,
Who speaks as intoxicating as the Cabernet that touches my lips and leaves me as slaved as I am to these damn cigarettes.

oh, how dangerous it is to love a woman this reckless.

(I know you to be a dream, and I wish to never wake.
Leave me drunk with your temptations, leave my heart for you to break.)

Her lips keep bound to her glass and smokes,
As her serpent eyes lock right to mine.
Entice me, love, the prey to your poison,
Willingly, I leave myself open,
Because I imagine being crushed by the idea of falling in love is better than believing it never existed.

And I’ll love you and your deception.
You are as breathtaking as the city,
As haunting as it’s streets.
Your menacing smile unravels me, promising security but biting with violence.

Never did I think I’d crave your serpent eyes like I crave the poison that your lips delivered.
A Miles Davis track and the memories wine brings back only make me reach for those damn cigarettes.

And when it rains in Staten I think of you,
You and that sinful love.

Because you became a part of me.
You and that perilous tongue.

I went to the city in hopes of falling in love with you.


~ Pierce Benefield

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