Tara Losander’s “You”

The world used to be ugly to me; I use to dread the days ahead because no matter what everything felt as if it was black and white and paper thin.

I thought that it wasn’t gonna get better than this and I was drowning in myself and my emotions, the world was ugly and I even at times felt ugly myself.

Until I saw your ocean blue eyes, suddenly color started coming back into my life little by little. It started with your eyes and then your smile started to light up everything around me I never believed that I could find so much beauty and love in you, but I did. Your voice became my favorite song and the feeling of your arms around me warmed me up more than any fire. You became my home, my comfort zone, my favorite person. You turned my black and white world into a beautiful spectrum of colors. There’s beauty even in the ugly and ugly in beauty but I found beauty in you.

~ Tara Losander

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