Anna Miller’s “What is Beauty?”

What is beauty?
The world says it’s all about physical appearance.
Are you just the right size with just the right curves?
Are your facial features perfectly aligned and your teeth straight?
Is your skin clear and tan?
Is your hair smooth and perfect?
Well if so, then you qualify as beautiful in the eyes of the world.

Don’t get me wrong, those are all great things
And it is no shame to be physically beautiful.
But beauty doesn’t stop there.
Beauty isn’t bound by one person’s definition.
Beauty has become a social construct
Making many women and men feel inadequate, worthless if they don’t “measure up.”
It’s about fitting in, qualifying to be considered beautiful.
The beauty of beauty has been lost.
But not forever.

Everyone has the ability to define beauty.
Beauty looks different for everyone, it doesn’t take a singular form.
Look how it has changed over time and is different in every culture.

To me, beauty is the strength to fight through the struggles in life.
Beauty is a smile that says, “I care about you.”
Beauty is laughter and shared memories.
Beauty is knowing that you are beautiful,
Despite the lies that try to tell you otherwise.
Beauty is crying freely and sharing your hurt.
Beauty is vulnerability and honesty.
Beauty is community that lifts you up when you begin to sink.
Beauty is using your gifts to serve others and serve the Lord.
Beauty is bearing your scars and sharing your story.

What is beauty to you?
What lies are you believing about beauty?
What are the beautiful things in you?

~ Anna Miller

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