Mimi’s “Inspired to Be Different”

For the most part, I have always had a good relationship and good memories with my
family; especially my immediate family. I didn’t have a very “normal” family dynamic
compared to most of my peers but it definitely felt normal to me. My mom was my best friend and did everything she could to help me see how special I was and how to keep that feeling with me as I grew older.

As we get older, though, things happen, life happens, and we grow apart or unfortunately lose those who are closest to us. When that happens, we tend to search and cling to happier times and memories with those people. So, today I am going to share some of those happier memories with you. Many of these memories shaped my current passions and who I am today:

My love of sports comes from the many times I spent sitting with my grandfather in his favorite recliner in the living room and watching basketball and football games.

My love of cooking, local Zydeco music and culture comes from spending my Sundays helping my grandmother in the kitchen while listening to music and learning how to dance to that music.

And lastly but most importantly, my love of music and creativity in general comes from my mother. She took me to concerts to see some of my favorite musicians, screaming and losing her voice with me. We would also have little jam sessions in the car, listening to the radio or CDs we had while traveling out of town or just bringing me to school.

The concept of family has always been different for me and meant more than just having
a mom, dad, brother, or sister; especially since I was an only child raised by my mom and grandparents. I lost my mom about 8 years ago and my grandparents are getting older but the memories and the passions that I have developed because of them will always stay with me. And other people, those I consider my friends, have become my family and listen to me talk about those passions. That is what family means to me…

I dedicate this to my mom Karen and to anyone who grew up a little differently than everyone else.

~ MiMi

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