“The Company I Keep” by Cameron Wade

The company I keep is quite remarkable
The company I keep is strange
When I think of family
These particular people come to mind

Lover and a child of God
She was a girl unseen
Many thought she was unflawed
But I knew her secrets
She was always a magician when it came to math
But she lacked the power to create her own path
Lydia and I met freshman year
When she was all stuck up
But Getting to know her, I broke her fears
And no longer does she act like a whining pup
Lydia and I might not be one and the same
But she and I have never stopped our goals together
Of pursuing our fame

The boy I could never forget
The boy who’s thoughts always came to haunt me
At night when I would rest
As my emotions would be put to the test
The pain and tears couldn’t stop their flow
It took everything for me to ask him to go
I never did though
I keep him close
Even if time and again, the feelings come
But the pain just never numbs

My less than heartfelt sister
The one who was crafty
My sister was also quite scrafty
She never gave a damn
To the boys who thought she was just a poor lamb
They were sadly mistaken
When she slammed their faces for making bold touches
Breaking legs and ribs so bad
She forced them on crutches
My less than heartfelt sister
Is the one I truly love

The friend I knew did wrong
I tend to always forget just how strong
Your emotions can be
I betrayed you
You never held it against me
You never said we were through
I don’t know how  you can just forgive everything I did
We’re teenagers, no longer kids
But I appreciate that you decided to take another bid
On the friendship I hold close
To the boys who’s more like a brother than anything to me
I thank you

The other boy I didn’t do right by
I’m sorry for letting you fall for her lies
I defended her, even when I knew what she was doing,
But you never knew that, and I never bothered telling you
Because blue skies and new goodbyes
Meant we got our lives back
I shouldn’t have let her hurt you the way she had
It changed you forever
Everything was so sudden, so extremely fast
The boy I knew as a part of my past
That boy is gone
And I’m sorry I couldn’t save you

Lydia, Jonah, Sam, Alex, and Tay
Those are the company I keep,
Those are the people I hold dear
The people I constantly fear
Would leave me as nothing
Because without this strange company
My life would be forfeit and cheap
The stories of us would be not be as steep
Nor as deep
As anything I ever cherished so greatly before

Lydia, Jonah, Sam, Alex, and Tay
You are the family I never hope to lose

~ Cameron Wade

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