“we pressed on (for Daisy)” by Pierce Benefield

You are my green light flashing
Longingly, lovingly,
With a welcoming heart and deceiving mystery.

I allowed you into the cavities of my weaknesses.
One smile you returned let me know that I had known you long before you came along.

You are a blank slate for me, Daisy,
And the light that I have longed for;
I find myself drawn to your spirit like the gravity that pulls me back time and time again from escaping.

And I find this to be true: I cannot escape you.

You are my green light flashing,
And I hold my memories inside you –
The memories I dream of us sharing when life marks us almost expired.
The kind of memories that only happen in my dreams.

Longingly, lovingly.

I catch myself enjoying the thought of you.
How could Gatsby love someone so dearly, whom he had never truly met?
He loved that her freely bound spirit caused him to forget.

And maybe that is why I dream of you, Daisy,
And all the words that you say.
Perhaps I take your breathing as a sign that I’ll be okay.
I just need to forget about my past; for forever would be nice.

I catch myself thinking that you are my green light.

But just like Gatsby, I’ll find this was all a dream…
So I’ll find myself forever passing you by





~ Pierce Benefield

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