A Message from Mishy

Hey guys!

So, first off, I want to apologize for the website update being late. Like, November is halfway over, and the update JUST got here. The time approached quicker than I expected, and I hadn’t adequately scheduled my time for me to update the site in time. So, I am truly very sorry.

But I do want to be honest with whomever is reading this, be it a writer who normally or occasionally contributes, or a reader who stops by frequently, or maybe you’re here for the first time to check out the website (if you are new here, WELCOME!).

No, this isn’t a “I’m shutting down #JustStartWriting” message, don’t worry!

However, this message is a couple of things…

1) I Need a Break…

This message is to let you know that I am taking a break in December from updating #JustStartWriting because I need it. I am currently in the process of writing some personal things right now, and I will admit that it has been difficult for me to balance everything that I am involved in equally. Unfortunately this month, #JustStartWriting went off the bandwagon. However, once I have accomplished some things within the next month (maybe even couple of months…I’ll keep everyone updated), I am definitely going to get back on updating the site.

I figure it’s only fair to be honest; it’s hard to have a perfect website when there’s an imperfect person running it! But that’s only one reason…

2) HELP.

I’ve never run my own website before, so I’m wondering in what ways I could improve #JustStartWriting – emails, contributors, submissions, updates, online format, etc. Are there things you see on the website and think, “Hmm, that shouldn’t be there”? Or do you think the site is lacking in any way?

You may have noticed (or maybe you haven’t, and that’s cool too!) that as the months have gone on, the amount of submissions #JSW has obtained has decreased. I am a testament to understanding that people are busy; writing a piece for a website is most likely not a priority for most people, and that’s okay, I definitely respect that!

However, I do want to make sure that the #JSW community is either maintaining or growing as the months go along, and honestly, I’m not sure how to do that. Maybe right now we’re just in a strange season and submissions are lacking, and you know what, that’s okay. I’ve had to come to peace with the fact that road blocks such as this would occur before the site could truly take off, and I am willing to work through it, and to work with everyone who still wants to call #JustStartWriting a safe haven for their writing; a platform they could use to expose their writing to more people.

I plan to release a survey form sometime in December in order to gain more feedback, but in the meantime, if you have any ideas as to how we (me and the writers of #JustStartWriting) can make things better here, please email us at jstartwriting@gmail.com!


Again, I’m so sorry for the update delay, and I hope that in the future, I’ll be better at communicating what is happening in a timely manner!

But just because #JSW is taking a break, doesn’t mean you should! If you’re a contributor to this site/writer in general, keep on writing! If you’re a reader/fan of this site, please continue to support this growing writer community by making suggestions, and patiently waiting for our return. None of this would even be happening had it not been for my personal supporters, and the writers and supporters of #JSW who believe this site is an amazing platform.

I firmly believe that when #JSW updates again in January 2018, the comeback is going to be amazing. And I cannot wait for it!

So, in the meantime, please make sure you check out November’s contributions, and just keep writing, luvvies!

~ Mishy