Can Anyone “Just Start Writing”?

I feel like this has been the age-old question for me as a writer. If you had asked me back in high school if I was a good writer, I’d probably tell you, “I mean, I think so. I’ve been told I can write well, so maybe?” If you’d asked me in college, I would have probably answered, “Yeeeaahhh, sure…I mean, I seem to get pretty good grades on my papers, so, yeah?”

After college, if you’d asked me, I probably would tell you a straight, “I don’t know.” I wasn’t sure if I was a good writer or not, at least not in the genre or area of writing I wanted to pursue. Truthfully, I wasn’t sure if this whole writing thing was just some stray dream that was planted into my mind at a very young age so I wouldn’t have to sing in front of people, or if I truly had the gift and talent for writing. I felt like I really needed to prove to myself that I was a good writer before I could convince everyone else.

Can anyone just start writing, and become a great writer? Or do you have to have “the talent,” “the gift,” for writing to truly be a great writer?

I struggle with answering this…who are we to tell someone they aren’t a writer, if they truly love to write and believe that they were meant to write? However…I have definitely read some bad writing before. Like, I give them an “A” for really pouring out their words and thoughts…but the delivery sometimes just isn’t there. Or maybe they aren’t good at the writing dynamics, even though the topic is awesome. Either way, we can’t say that everyone who wants to be a writer is, in fact, a good writer. Not everyone is a New York Times Best-Selling author, even though maybe many of us would love to be.

But…the idea of “just start writing”…what to do?

Jim Waller, the Tybee Island author who led me to this “just start writing” way of thinking, expressed that if you truly believe that you are a writer, and that writing is your niche, you need to just start writing something in order for you to learn, practice, and hopefully get better at the writing you want to accomplish.

And I would have to say that I agree with that. There are going to be those people who say, “Yeah, I wanna write!” but never pick up a pen, or type out a blog, or journal or anything.

Yet, those who are truly hungry for it – who believe the words they wield can touch hearts, influence change, create conversation. Who are scared out of their minds to share what they’ve written, but do it anyway because dangit, they. want. to. write. – those are the ones who will truly benefit from “just start writing.”

But Mishy, I don’t know if i’m that passionate about writing. How do I know?

It doesn’t hurt to at least try. Life is all about trying things, and learning from the things you’ve tried. “You never know until you try,” they say (whoever “they” is).

Maybe you’ll just start writing, and in a week or so realize it’s just not your thing. Or maybe it’ll take months for you to realize it. Or, you could just start writing, and really begin to enjoy it, and find your niche in the writing world, and want to pursue it as something more than just a hobby or a dream. Or maybe you’ll just keep writing for your personal self, to heal, to process.

Whatever the end goal may be, the first step is, you need to just start writing. The results will tell you where you are in the grand scheme of things.

So, I can firmly answer, “YES!” ANYONE can just start writing! However, the results of you beginning your writing journey are up to you, and how hard you are willing to work for the writing you are doing. “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” they say (okay, but who really said these famous quotes though???). Writing is a journey and a process – you cannot create the next best-selling novel in one week just because you just started writing. But hey…maybe in a year or so, that novel will be created because you just started writing!


I highly suggest you just give writing a try! You really never know what could happen. 🙂

And I hope that, if you do decide to try writing, that you’ll find a safe space for your writing here, whether you are just dropping by for some inspiration, or if you’d like to contribute consistently, and start conversations about writing with other writers.

From one writer to another, I’m so happy you stopped by! I wish you well on your writing journey!

Love ya!